If you ever experience an emergency, you want to know who to contact right away. Have you ever tried to figure out which person/office to call or email to get the assistance you need? We do this each and every day, and sometimes call or email multiple people/departments before finally reaching the proper department/person!

To make things easier for you, we've compiled a list of some sample subjects, along with who to contact for each situation. Please refer to the list below, and keep it available for all your condo/HOA questions! When emailing your question, please make sure to provide us with your name and unit/address.

Life-Threatening Emergencies

Should you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

After-hours building-related emergency calls should be directed to our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-870-0010. Our representatives will contact your appropriate Condo Manager to assist you.

Building/Unit Inquiries: Contact your Appropriate Condo Manager

Concerns relating to any interior building or unit matter can be directed to your Condo manager. These include:

  • I have a leak in my unit.
  • The elevator is out of order. 
  • There's water in the garage. 
  • The gutters are falling. 
  • My window is broken. 
  • Someone is parked in my designated parking space.
  • I have a furniture delivery.
  • I'm redoing my kitchen, do you have recommendations for a contractor?
  • My plumber/electrician/carpenter, etc. is coming, do I need to notify you?
  • I'm moving. What steps do I need to take?

Condo I

Manager: Stephen Sammarco

Number: 201-915-4500


Condo I

Asst. Manager : Jeraldine Valentin

Number: 201-915-4500


Condo II

Manager: Kimberly Giordano

Number: 201-324-1500

Email 2

Condo III

Manager: Joanne Gambino

Number: 201-536-6683


HOA Inquiries: Outside Areas, Pools, Snow Removal, Landscaping, Street Lights

Concerns relating to common area maintenance and amenities can be directed to your HOA. These include:

  • My street light is out.
  • They forgot to mow my lawn.
  • The irrigation line is leaking.
  • Icy street/sidewalk.
  • How do I get a guest pass for the pool?
  • I lost my Port Lib ID, can I get another one?
  • I'm leaving for vacation/business and have to park my car outside for 3 weeks, who do I notify?

HOA Sr. Property Administrator

Gate Attendants: Front Entrances, Rover Patrol

Concerns when you're expecting guests or need general assistance, including:

  • I've locked my keys in my apartment.
  • I have a tow truck coming; my car won't start.
  • I have pizza/food delivery at 2 AM (please add them to your Gate Access.net list). Gate Attendants will contact you directly via phone upon their arrival.

Gate Attendant

Rover Patrol

Post 1: Condo I

Number: 201-915-4580

Post 2: Condo II & III

Number: 201-395-9860

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