We love all of our residents in Port Liberte — including our pet residents!

Our area is incredibly pet-friendly, offering exceptional animal services and even providing pet-friendly communities that you can be a part of with your constant animal companion.

If you needed another reason to love Port Liberte even more, you'll be pleased to know that the community is exceptionally friendly toward pets, offering all kinds of amenities that you can enjoy — whether you're just taking your dog for a walk or taking your pet gecko in for a check-up.

What We Have to Offer

We want to highlight the reasons why Port Liberte is a great place to call home for people and animal friends, and introduce our Port Liberte Pet Spotlight. So let's explore what pet-friendly Port Liberte has to offer!

Amenities for Your Constant Companion

Port Liberte has a dog park and great dog run for furry friends to enjoy, and it's right near the river for great water views. The Port Liberte HOA even provides "Mutt Mitts" for easy pet waste clean-up. And with such scenic views of the canals and clear skies, cats can sit on the window sill and watch the birds fly past their noses or flutter nearby.

Port Liberte Pet Services

The community also offers local services for furry friends, like our veterinarian, Dr. Philip Frezzo at the Animal Clinic of Bayonne. For getting pet supplies, you can check out our friends at Pet Valu and Canis Minor, or shop online to find what you need. Check out my Port Liberte pet services directory to find contact information for our local pet stores and pet sitters.

We Want to Meet Our Pet Residents!

Life is good with our pet friends. We want to truly get to know the people and animal friends in our community, and that's why we've created our very own pet spotlight. Send a picture of your pet looking its best, and let us know your pet's name and their absolute favorite thing to do in Port Liberte. This will be a great way to showcase your pet and even meet new friends in the community. So head over to our Pet Spotlight page right now and let Port Liberte learn all about your beloved companion!