Port Liberte loves its pet residents.

If you don't have a furry best friend, or if you are looking for a constant companion of your own, we encourage you to adopt a pet from a local shelter. 

Why Adopt a Shelter Animal?

Local shelters take in abandoned or surrendered animals, gives them vaccinations, spays or neuters them, and finds them a new best friend in a loving home. There are many reasons why you should adopt a pet, and these are just a few: 

young puppy on the grass

Make a Difference

You might have seen the bumper stickers — "who rescued who?" Adopting a shelter animal is a fantastic way to serve your community by helping to reduce the number of homeless dogs and cats and give a welcoming home for these lovable animals. 

Don't Listen to the Myths

Did you know that you can find a purebred pet in the local shelters? It's true — the Humane Society estimates that 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred. Plus, there are many breed-specific rescues in the Northeast where you can find your new furry companion.

Here are some financial benefits to adopting a pet!

Find Your New Best Friend

Your furry best friend is waiting just for you, eager to sleep on your lap and join you in your loving home. And you're never too old to find a four-legged best friend — there is a great cat rescue program called Seniors for Seniors that serves senior adults and senior cats.

Animal Shelters Near Port Liberte

Searching for your new best friend at a shelter not far from your Port Liberte home? View our interactive map below to find an animal shelter closest to you, or scroll down below to find local shelters in New Jersey and New York

New Jersey

Associated Humane SocietiesLocated in Forked River, Newark, and Tinton Falls, the Associated Humane Societies take in cats, dogs, kittens, puppies — and sometimes guinea pigs and hamsters! 

Hudson County Animal LeagueThis is an all-volunteer organization that takes in abandoned animals in the area and sends them into welcoming homes. 

Liberty Humane Society: Based in Hoboken, this animal shelter rescues local dogs and cats. A few of our pet residents were even adopted from the Liberty Humane Society! 

Secaucus Animal ShelterFind your new best friend in all four-legged forms at this shelter, whether you're looking for a cat, rabbit, guinea pig, or dog. 

New York

Animal Care & Control of New York City: The AC&C of NYC has care centers in the city's five boroughs, and a few of its adoptable cats and dogs are featured on NBC News on Saturday mornings.

Animal HavenLocated on Centre Street in New York City, Animal Haven rescues dogs and cats and sends them to loving homes. 

Animal Lighthouse RescueThis organization rescues stray dogs. Its New York City location is in West Village on Bleecker Street. 

KittyKindThis is a no-kill cat rescue based out of New York City, and rescues more than 600 cats every year. 

Mighty Mutts & Ollie's PlaceFall in love with a rescued stray cat or dog at this no-kill organization, and take your new best friend home with you. 

Social Tees Animal RescueSocial Tees is a no-kill shelter in NYC's East Village, rescuing cats and dogs and matching them with the perfect person. 

Breed-Specific Rescues in the Northeast

If you're looking for a specific dog or cat breed, you don't have to drive to several shelters. Several breed-specific rescues serve the area around Port Liberte, or are not too far away, making it easy for you to find your new best friend. 

Airedale Rescue & Adoption of the Delaware ValleyFind your new companion at this shelter, which rescues Airedale Terrier and adopts them to their new families in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey area. 

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue: Located in Reinholds, PA, this shelter rescues Golden Retrievers and sends them to their new homes. 

East Coast Asian Dog RescueThis organization rescues Pekingese, Pugs, Japanese Chins, Shih Tzus, and other Asian breeds around the Mays Landing, NJ area. 

HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue: You can adopt a purebred English Bulldog from HeavenSent, which serves the areas in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and Maryland. 

Mid Atlantic English Springer Spaniel RescueThis organization serves the mid-Atlantic coast of the US and rescues purebred English Springer Spaniels. 

Save Our Snoopies Beagle RescueThere is a New Jersey chapter of SOS Beagle Rescue that fosters beagles and sends them to forever homes. 

Siamese Cat Rescue Center: This shelter out of Locust Dale, VA finds and adopts out Siamese cats.