Port Liberte's Pet Residents

Pets of Port Liberte

At pet-friendly Port Liberte, we care about you and your pet! Animals are a valuable part of the community, so we have made sure to provide a list of local pet services here on our site so that you can live easy with your four-legged friend. Our local veterinarian, Dr. Philip Frezzo, can help you with any medical needs your pet may have, and there are a variety of different pet stores and pet-sitting businesses that can rest assure that your pet will live happily during your time at Port-Liberte! We even have some on-site pet services, like our dog park located alongside the beautiful canal and garden areas.

We want to truly get to know the people and animal friends in our community, and that's why we've created our very own pet spotlight.

Email us a picture of your pet looking its best, and let us know your pet's name and their absolute favorite thing to do in Port Liberte. Send your submission to barbara@barbaraedenrealtor.com.

Meet Our Pet Residents


Mike & Barbara Eden

Meet Nicky, our new kitty! He was found on a park bench and rescued by Hudson County Animal League. He's already starting to bond with our other cat, Izzy. He is helping comfort us as we mourn our late cat, Jake.


Mike & Barbara Eden

We adopted Izzy one year ago after our beloved cat Max died at 17 years old. We were broken hearted but Izzy helped fill the void for us. He is an amazingly affectionate cat and loves the lap of us and visitors he likes. 


Mike & Barbara Eden

Jake was a smart and amazing 12 year old kitty who never ceased to amaze us with his brilliance. He was a renal lymphoma survivor of over 10 years. We were told he had 6 months to live but with the right treatment from our vet and us he lived and long and happy life!

Guess my husband and I are “crazy” cat people but also love the Port Lib pups!

Bizzie and Butters

Anuja Singhal

Bizzie was only 2 weeks old when her mom got her home from the Liberty Humane Center as a foster kitten. She is now our 2.5 years old, beautiful, puppy-eyed princess with a little play-mate, Butters. A recent addition to our home, Butters is a 6 months old Tuxedo who comes from the Hudson County Animal League. He is super playful, energetic and possesses a tail that has a mind of its own! It's amazing how quickly and wonderfully these two got along and we can't wait to see how they grow up together! 

The Mob

The Calhoun Family

We are not the best photographers, but we love our dogs, affectionately referred to as the "mob." It's hard to put into words, but a statement of another person resonated with us, Paraphrasing with apologies: "In my darkest hour, I reached out for a hand and found a paw instead." Further, it is most amazing to watch new baby Peyton enjoy the dogs. They are kind and patient with her.


Sue Melamud

Truman is an eight-year old Havanese. We have been blessed with him since he was three months old. He gives us great joy and laughter! I may be biased, but I think he’s pretty cute! He’s dressed up for last Chanukah.


Kelly Austin

Billie Marbles


She's a 2 year old short hair tortoiseshell cat. Playful and sweet, she's very curious and always nosing around whatever activity is going on in the house. She also is a notorious napper, finding strange and cozy places to sleep around the house.



We call him Jay or Jay-boy He's about 12 years old. Although he looks tough, he's the most polite and gentle dog you'll ever meet, truly a proper gentleman. He's super smart and knows how to sit, lay, shake paws, speak, and roll over on command. He loves to sleep and is happiest when he is around company. Also, he'll do anything you ask for a treat (peanut butter is his favorite).


Lilly Hernandez

Miss Pinky is a 6 year old Tea Cup Chihuahua. Rescued in Las Vegas 2 1/2 years ago where she was about to be euthanized. Missy Pinky is very smart and very friendly. She loves the staff at the HOA office.


Elizabeth Stacey & Joe Manna

We love our little Copper, nicknamed after his human dad! He's a one year old Toy Yorkie who was given to me as a Christmas gift from my wonderful boyfriend Joe, (Santa outfit and all)! He loves the Port Liberte neighborhood and socializing with his other four-legged friends at the dog park or along his morning and evening strolls. He loves to snuggle with us and loves meeting new people.