Walk to the Beach, the Golf Course, & the State Park

Liberty Beach, near Port Liberte, is a long curving tract of darkened-white sand that stretches along the Hudson shoreline. It is one of the last remaining natural beaches in the New York metro area. Comprised of oyster and mussel shells, this stretch of natural wonder is home to baby sea turtles, red beard sponges, and horseshoe crabs.

This Place is for the Birds

Migratory birds are dependent on the sponges, crabs, and turtles as a major source of food. It was a couple species of these birds, specifically the Red-Tailed Hawk and the Raptor, that helped contribute to the preservation of this piece of land. These birds of prey were deemed by the US Fish and Wildlife and the NJ Audubon Society as important to the ecological construct of the land.

One of the longest shorelines on the Upper Harbor, the beach stretches 5000 feet north from the condos and canals at Port Liberte. The beach is officially part of the Liberty State Park and is maintained by the New Jersey government.

Liberty State Park and the Hudson Walkway

Liberty State Park is accessible to residents of Port Liberte by way of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. The walkway, also known as Hudson River Walkway, is an ongoing project that sits on the western shore of the upper New York Bay and the Hudson River. The plan is to connect Bayonne Bridge to the George Washington Bridge with a linear urban park, which will provide uninhibited access to the water's edge.

To date, about 18.5 miles of the riverside walkway has been completed. A pleasant stretch of this well maintained path runs past Port Liberte and is an excellent choice to access Liberty State Park, Liberty National Golf Course, and Liberty Landing Marina.

Port Liberte Outdoor Amenities

Even closer to Port Liberte are gardens that are maintained by the community. There are several areas that were designed specifically for residents to enjoy the outdoor splendor at Port Liberte. The riverfront promenade, complete with benches and a gazebo, has some of the best views of the Hudson.

In addition to the Hudson River Walkway, there are many community walkways and paths that meander through the neighborhood, granting splendid views of the canals, docks, the pool, and the magnificent European architecture for which Porte Liberte is known. The community also has a dog park and dog run for those who have a furry companion. These are located near the river and have excellent views as well.

What, There's More? You Bet

Just to the west of Port Liberte you'll find Craven Point Athletic Fields, which are just a short walk away. The complex, in addition to having an indoor facility, has 3 baseball diamonds, a soccer pitch, and a football field with stadium seating.

Almost completely surrounding Port Liberte is the Liberte National Golf Course. One of the most expensive courses ever built, the club designers included amenities such as an on-site helipad, yacht services, a spa, and a world-class restaurant.

You Too Can Live in Riverside Splendor

Living at Port Liberte provides residents with world-class amenities and is within walking distance of even more exceptional facilities. Making this riverside paradise home is an easy choice, finding someone who knows he the neighborhood and can make sure you find the ideal Port Liberte home is the key. Barbara Eden is a resident of Port Liberte and knows the community well. Give her a ring today and set up a time to view some homes.